Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sad, and reflecting musing that I forgot I wrote a while ago.

I wrote this small piece of writing in response to a report that a man had killed himself and his family, on Oct 6, 2008. This was a tragedy. This unfortunately shows a durkheimian school of thought. 


 Durkheim argues that modern society is always prone to anomie, but it is only in times of social and economic crisis does it come to the forefront.  For example, A man which killed himself and his family because of the pressures of the economy and recession. This shows anomie taking form in society. This example which unfortunately is true is also proof of Durkheim’s ideas of Anomic Suicide. Like in our recession, people in our society in general have been put in a situation in which old norms do not apply, and new norms have not yet developed. Durkheim was a genius. 

Anomie - state of normlessness, or lack of norms.

Norms - the do’s and don’ts of society, human conduct, and social interaction.  Rules, Standards, laws, regulations, customs and traditions.

On a personal note, politics aside, we as humans should do everything in our power to help our fellow man in need. I can understand if the man doesn't seek help, but if he did, we should do everything we can. This is senseless and very sad.

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