Monday, December 15, 2008

Alienation, Office Depot, Capitalism, Corporations, THE ECONOMY........ohh my.

I have worked at Office Depot for 5 or so years now. Studying Marx has really given me insight into my own place in the capital world. I know very well why Marx was opposed to Capitalism, I believe the biggest reason for him was Alienation. I feel like I am reduced to how much work I get done, and how many things I can sell. I get little to any real humanity reflected back to me at work. I have to follow "Programs and Standard Operating Procedures" which reduce me to a trained Monkey. I have to push products and sell things I don't believe people need.
Why do I do this?
I have to have it to survive just like anyone else. I feel like a little piece of me dies off everytime I sell overpriced and unessential products and services. I know one thing, the economy doesnt like me because I would tell people to save their money and they dont need these things. Sometimes you do need things, but you should decide If you want it by yourself. I shouldn't have to push it on you. :( minus one for capitalism today. Plus one for socialism. I still do believe in the capitalist structure as being the most sound, but Hyper-Capitalism is dangerous and unethical.
But then again? Ethics.
Another danger is that a person can have ethics, but a corporation gives people something to shield their humanity with and become greedy and unethical. Maybe, Capitalism minus 2.

You know I have always had a feeling inside me that I didnt know how to interpret. It was this feeling that things in the human world( which is the world in which we control) is controlled. Go figure! Things like the Economy. I always had this feeling that the economy was controlled like a puppet on strings. It is. The economy is the easiest way to control humanity without using military force. People do not attack "the economy". If your government is bad you will revolt, if the economy is bad, you "accept it", the economy is not a human being, therefore it is hard to fight against it.

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